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Mystery Player 3/2/04


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I was drafted in the ABA out of hicgh school playing for the Utah Stars, with the Stars folding I moved on to St. Louis in my second season. It was the last year of the ABA and I moved on to the NBA joining the Buffalo Braves after teh Spirits agreed to cease opperations, with the ABA-NBA merger. I was not in Buffalo long as I was traded early in my first NBA season to the Rockets. I became an MVP in 1979 and 1982 before leaving via Free Agency to sign with the 76ers. There I woudl win MVP again in 1983 as we won the NBA title. In 1986 I moved on again signing with the Bullets but my career was on the downside. After a few years in Washington I ended my career bouncing aroun to Atlanta, Milwaukee, back to Philly, and San Antonio.

Who Am I?

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