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Topeka Chl Team Name

Ez Street

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Here is the scoop, Topeka will have a Central hockey League team next season. We used to have a team in that league named the Topeka Scarecrows. That team has since moved to a Junior league and has moved to St. Louis, MO. My question is, What do you think sounds good as a nickname for the team?

Here are a few of my favorites...

Topeka Railmen

Topeka Railers

Topeka Terror

Topeka Twisters (If we have to have a Tornado team name)

Here is a list of the origional team nickname suggestions from 1998.....

Of the some 400 nicknames suggested, the field was narrowed to ScareCrows, Twisters, Wizards, Rattlers and Stampede.

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Corn fields? Hell yeah we got'em. :D

I'm partial to anything deal with the Railroad. This town was built bascially by the Rail industry. I mean after all there used to be the Atchison, Topeka, Santa Fe Railroad. Which is just now Burlington Northern/ Santa Fe. They have a large shop here in town. And we always had a train horn go off when the old Scarecrows scored a goal.

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