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George Kissell Killed in Car Accident


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I don't know how well known George Kissell is nationally, but he was truly one of the great people in the game of baseball. He never saw the field as a player but spent 65+ years in the game, all with the Cardinals, primarily as a minor league instructor, and a very great one. Multiple players have credited him for their Gold Glove defense or their hitting or just numerous other things. He focused hard on the fundamentals and it paid off with those who he coached. I can't say I ever had the experience to meet George, but by all accounts he was an incredible and personable man who just loved to talk baseball.

He was riding in the backseat drivers side when his car was t-boned in an intersection. He passed away from injuries earlier today. George was 88.

May he rest in peace.


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Damn, that's too bad.

Engine, Engine, Number Nine, on the New York transit line,

If my train goes off the track, pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up!

Back on the scene, crispy and clean,

You can try, but then why, 'cause you can't intervene.

We be the outcast, down for the settle. Won't play the rock, won't play the pebble.

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