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  1. UNC: Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes! That is what the Pro-Combat series is all about! It's edgy, it's cool, and it's definitely UNC. It's just plain killer.
  2. They'd probably look a helluva lot better in today's more shimmery fabric so I'd at least like to see how it'd look on the field.
  3. Also, the two most critical parts of the Yankees this year came from the farm system: Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. The Yankees may buy their way there (but let's be honest here, not that much more so than any other team that utilizes free agency), but the key guys when it come to actually winning are almost always from within the organization.
  4. except for stadium closings / openings... I'd say those are pretty major events considering they happen only once every 85 years . They'll also do something when a notable former player dies (they put the player's number on the sleeve of their jersey and also add a black band to the cuff) or when they host an All-Star Game, but in the grand scheme of things, the Yankees certainly do these sorts of additions less frequently than other teams.
  5. For the first time in my life, I'm actually at a loss for words...
  6. This is actually really cool! I'd love to see you do some other cities.
  7. Quoted for truth. I've been to Cleveland and there are parts that can rival any neighborhood in New York City as far as having that "I might get stabbed by a crackhead" charm.
  8. I hope it's a really old throwback, maybe from the 20s or 30s. The Giants had some wild jerseys early in their history. I bet in this final decade before the NFLs 100th season, we'll start to see more and more really old throwbacks. 'Extreme throwbacks' if you will, that challenge the status quo of the modern football uniform. No helmets, no forward passes, and no players of color!
  9. No, their main export is crippling depression. Yo, who the still uses a pay phone? Douchebags on West 6th Street?
  10. They might do a patch that day, but I doubt they'll go for the whole blinged-out uniform treatment. Mind you, this 'tradition' dates back to 2006, so I don't think that it's any kind of MLB-mandated rule. Besides, the Yanks are going to have a ton of pomp and circumstance at the Stadium that day to commemorate the championship. They're a team that doesn't go for patches or uniform changes to mark an event, but when it comes to pre-game ceremonies, the Yankees take the cake.
  11. No, their main export is crippling depression.
  12. Judging by the collar, that looks more like a jacket/windbreaker more than a jersey.
  13. Except KeyArena hasn't been a new facility since the 1960's! Even when the renovations were completed in 1995, the arena still lagged significantly behind other arenas that were being introduced at the same (ex. TD Garden, Wachovia Center, United Center, Quicken Loans Arena, Rose Garden Arena). KeyArena's renovation put it on par with the Target Center prior to its 2004 remodeling, ARCO Arena (one of the worst venues in the NBA), and Oracle Arena before it was rebuilt in 1997. Even though KeyArena was renovated in 1995, the updates only brought the stadium from a '60's facility to a mid-'80s one. Schultz's $250 million dollar renovation was what the Sonics should have back in '95, but the city was too cheap, a trend they continued until the team left for OKC. Basically the city wanted to keep its team, but not pay the necessary costs to do so, which, as we all know, is a ridiculous idea.
  14. The problem with the Santa Clara stadium is it hasn't been approved yet and therefore, the US couldn't include it in its proposal, although I think that they can edit the proposal for the 2022 deadline once/if the stadium is approved. As it stands, Chicago's only viable stadium--Soldier Field--seats 5,500 less people than the lowest-capacity stadium in the bid (Lucas Oil Stadium at 66,000) and it seems to be sub-par venue, overall. As for the Bay Area, none of their stadiums with a high enough capacity could even be considered decent, let alone up to the standards of the world cup. However, I can agree with you about Qualcomm Stadium being at least as bad of a venue as the Oakland Coliseum. The same goes for the Cotton Bowl.
  15. Somewhere, in a distant art gallery, Jeffery Loria is weeping.