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Best Buy new logo


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The "new" Best Buy font is for the new line of stores going in malls all across America...presumably to take out BB's mall-based competition (f.y.e, GameStop, etc.).

The "old" Best Buy logo will still be used for the big-box stores.

If this is the case, it elevates the differences between the tag shape and color (outline vs. solid) from curious to inexplicable. The chain will use both but they're fundamentally different? :wacko:


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I'm gonna miss the big yellow tag, especially how it looked as a sign.

I like the new logo a bit, but the old one was soo recognizable.

I think I'm just going to reiterate what some other people have said, but here's my two cents. Take it or leave it. Although the new logo is more modern, more streamlined, and overall would probably be considered an upgrade...it was just unnecessary. The purpose of a logo is brand recognition. Best Buy had excellent Brand Recognition. I couldn't tell you where Best Buy vs. Circuit City stands right now, but I'm willing to bet not much has changed since the end of last year when C.C. had three straight quarterly losses and Best Buy was continuing to do well. Best Buy was doing better with online sales and in store sales, and it's in my opinion that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Obviously B.B. had a good thing going with a good reputation and solid brand recognition. This logo change was not needed. Will it damage their image? I highly doubt it. However, with the way the economy is right now, I personally would not be spending money on an image overhaul when it's a moot point.

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