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Here's two logos I drew up, I plan on going over them on the computer. I was just looking for some comments on em' cuz' they'll be easier to fix while they're still in pencil format.

This one's for one on the request board for the 'Buffalo Hockey Team'. It's intended to be the stampede. I don't know how to draw a buffalo face -- I look toward Marshal for motivation and actually plan on fixing it so it's not yet done. It'd be the named the Stampede.


This one I just designed cuz' I wanted to, basically. It's for a team named the Bobcats or Cougars or anything like that cuz' i honestly don't know which it most resembles. If anyone's looking for a logo like this... lemme know.


Any comments or suggestions? thanks.


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that is definately a bobcat... cougars dont have the tufts... sweet work all around... i had a similar idea for the stampede... just been too busy with paying jobs... how a schlub like me gets paying design work, ill never know

GDB... Brothers from other Mothers


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