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Raytown South Cardinals concept Jerseys


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My 8th grade football team gets new jerseys for next season, 2009. After going 0-6 in 2006 & 2008, we need something to spark us. The current unis are seven years old and are showing wear-&-tear.

I was searching around to come up with a concept to show my desired new unis. Mind you, these are NOT the ones we are getting, but rather a way of conveying to my Athletic Director what the unis might look like.

Several "personal rules" I have for what I what. I want my team to look a certain way and I am a traditionalist in many ways.

I'm 47 years old and played ball from the 1970s through 1982.

I am seeking your expert insight and please make suggestions.

Rule 1: I don't care to imitate any other program, High School, College or Pro.

Rule 2: I believe in block numbers. I don't give a crap for those curly/round numbers.

My alma mater for high school and college both have those numbers and they look terrible, you know

the ones - what UCLA had a few years back before going to the block numbers.

Socks should be one color - for one reason, they are more expensive when you buy the striped ones,

though I love the Bears "stripes" on their socks.

Rule 3: Keep the uniform simple

Rule 4: No Piping - see rule 3.

For the state of Missouri, all away white uniforms must be white w/o all the extra panels. We've got teams with so much

extra panels that you can't tell if they are the home or away team.

Rule 5: I like borders around the numbers, however I am fond of the drop shadow.

We currently look like this:


Here's one concept


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i like the one with red top and red pants. a black helmet with that one would be better but two helmets isn't realistic.

i prefer white or gray pants for home and road. they might be hard to keep clean so i can understand darker material for the pants.

something that always bugs me with junior high and high school uniforms are the way they fit. they are way too lose. they need to be as tight as possible. this doesn't give the defenders something to grab.

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they might be hard to keep clean so i can understand darker material for the pants.

That's the exact reason I went with black pants. We used to have white, the grass & mud were a nightmare.

The red pants would show more than the black, but I like the look. Since I am the one washing the pants, I'll

do my best to keep them nice. Our current black pants are also seven years old, time for new pants.

My A.D. would like to know, why Red pants? I think it looks very nice.

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Isn't this 2 concepts you posted? Fonts on wordmark and numbers are different on home & away...

Nevertheless, I like the font on the white, and really like the red on red... After watching the Saints on TV this weekend, I love monochrome unis.

And as far as Cardinals are concerned, the more red, the better!!!

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fonts on wordmark and numbers are different on home & away.

I did that to see what they would look like. I personally like the script font, but my co-worker liked the

other font, so I used both just to see what it would look like.

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