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Summit Credit Union in Madison, WI


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Summit Credit Union in the Madison, WI area just completed a merger with another credit union (First Wisconsin C. U.) and are retaining the "Summit" name. However, with the merger comes a new logo. Summit states that "Our new logo is a symbol of stability, financial balance, and the power of simplicity. It's a symbol of what we can help you achieve."

I am unable to insert the new logos into this posting, but the Summit website currently has both the old and new logos. Click on the flash animation ("DO... MORE..." etc.) for more on the new logo.


Comment: The word mark and the font that is used seems okay (pretty simple), but the "S" in the green-and-gray circle leaves me scratching my head, especially when it's shown alone (just as it is at the end of the flash animation). I received a flyer from Summit in the mail yesterday and the outside just displayed the "S"; I didn't realize what it was until giving the card a 1/8th turn clockwise.

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