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Mystery Player 3/8/04


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Im a travelin' man I was an ABA All_star with the New Orleans BUcs before going into coaching. My first coaching job was with the Carolina Cougars then I would move on to the Nuggets, I followed the Nuggets to the NBA. A few years later I moved to the college ranks leading UCLA to the NCAA Final. I then wnet back to the pros with the Nets, but I missed campus life so I went To Kansas this time winning a National Title, ut I missed the pros so I became coach of te Spurs. I got tired of teh river walk and went on to coach the Clippers but Hollwood bored me too so it was off to Inidana but after wa hile I was on the move again to Philly where AI finally got too much so I moved on aagin to Detroit.

Who am I?



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