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Interesting History of Brazillian Football Kits


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Well, I just did a google image search for Fluminense, just because they have probably the funkiest color combination I've seen on a soccer club: maroon and green. Two colors that don't seem to go together, but works IMO.

But yeah, I was looking on google images and found this:

Link, starting with Atletico Minero

Pretty cool to see that someone down there actually took the time to go through and get all of these uniforms done (although most uniforms start in the late 70s/early 80s and stop in the late 90s/early 00s so it definitely isn't a COMPLETE collection...but it is a collection.) They even included what looks like the World Cup kits for Brazil up to 2004.

Very interesting website, especially if you're a fan of football kits.



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Wow...pretty extensive site. I wonder if he knows about CCSLC? ;)

I'd welcome the guy. Anybody who could make a database like that is cool in my book. English speaker or not. lol.



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