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  1. I'll just leave this here https://spark.adobe.com/page/Zei4xkMtGICfl/
  2. Y'all realize that ebod39 is the guy who actually designs these things for adidas and the NHL, right? Yes, Pantones are different. Yes, RGB values are different. But as he said, more than once, the actual FABRIC that the jerseys are made with is the same color. Also, you can't account for lighting and photo edit effects. Bottom line is that y'all should listen to the man, he knows what he's talking about. See y'all in another 8 years.
  3. Hey Gordie, Would you happen to have a PSD of your alternative Seattle Sounders logo that you wouldn't mind giving to me?  


    I'm a PSD novice, but wanted to make a custom hat with that logo for myself.  





  4. gordie_delini's Soccer

    please or we can have the vector template version ai ?

    thanks !!!! ;)

  5. Bumping this now that the Empire's season has started — and here's how the uniforms turned out!
  6. *cough* https://twitter.com/SpokaneEmpire/status/677876717738835968
  7. The colors were chosen by the team, that's what they asked for.
  8. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised this got picked up by you guys — thanks for the kind words! I'm really proud to have worked on this project, it's a fantastic organization and a great group of people I was fortunate enough to work with. The standalone spike was something the team asked me to include as part of the package, and realistically it will probably live as just a design element somewhere along the way. The team is really focusing on the Primary and Secondary logos as the main brand pieces. Stay tuned for more to come from the Empire!
  9. Well here's the answer — it's a discontinued university mark that was adopted by the Washington Crew team way back in the day that they've kept. They are the *only* program in athletics that are allowed to use that logo and those colors.
  10. I work in the athletics department, and it's not on any of our internal materials...I'll have to ask around
  11. Better to have the update packs rather than having to wait until NCAA 15 to get the new uniforms!
  12. Brand New has it all this morning: http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/one_dog_to_rule_them_all.php