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Vancouver Canucks Alternate Jersey Concept


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I understand that the Johnny-Canuck-head-on-a-V logo has received some mixed feelings and opinions, but I just wanted to see how it worked out. Rather than keeping traditional striping, I tried doing something different, the arms would form a V from a side view, and I tried a similar pattern on the hem stripes.


C&C welcome! B)


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I would have loved to see the Canucks use this logo on the front of their alternate.

Green might have been a better choice for a color, after all they do already have a blue home jersey. But at least you changed up the design.

Overall top-notch work here.



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Good choice with the V-Johnny logo for the crest. I've never been a fan of the whale-C thing, myself.

There's not enough white to offset the green and blue on the sleeves or hem. Adding more white to the areas where green and blue touch would make all three colors stand out more.

And I'd use the Canucks numerals typeface. A white block number with a royal blue and white stroke screams Toronto Maple Leafs.

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