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Drew Henson A Cowboy


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Henson's Rights Traded To Cowboys

Henson and the Cowboys agreed on an eight-year contract that will void to four years with minimum playing time. In all eight years of the deal, the former New York Yankees third baseman will make a guaranteed minimum salary. In 2004, Henson's salary will be $238,000.

Henson, however, is guaranteed at least $3.5 million over the next four years through a roster bonus that will trigger after any season in which he meets the predetermined playing time level. There are also so-called "escalators" that could boost the value of the contract by an additional $1 million.

There are no conditions that will elevate the draft pick to a higher round based on Henson's performance.

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Some how some way I had a feeling he would end up in Dallas. I always had afeeling he would end up in Dallas even before he decided to quit his baseball career.

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