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Saint Johns Seadogs - Reworked


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Since the creation of the team, I have thought to myself... thats a good logo, but a little too cartoony. So I set out to fix the only issue I have with this mark.

First the old... kinda toon-ish, could be meaner looking.


And the reworked version... It would be a bit of a stretch for me to call it new, so we'll say tweaked.


C&C welcomed...

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Make that water look more like water (and less like fire) and you got a keeper.

Agreed on this point.

You've done a very good job around the face, putting the features of the face in better perspective so he doesn't look so flat. Now, do the same thing to the water and the flipper. Right now, the flipper is just floating on top of the other elements.

Tweak the water and the flipper, and you've got a very nice logo.

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