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I'm back and improved...

Le Québécois

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Hi guys,

Long after my last post here, I'm back on the concet forum of this great site.

Recently, I started to discover Photoshop CS3. I always did my concept in here using MSPaint so it's a new world that is opening to me with photoshop and all I have to say is... WOW! :rolleyes:

I know I don't have the talent nor the experience to compare myself with you guys but hey, you have to start somewhere no?

As for my first ever photoshop concept, it's simply a recolorisation of the Vancouver Canucks uniform. I know it's not creative concept to simply chenge the colors but hey, it,s a start no?

Nice to be back!

You're comments are welcome and highly expected... I'LL TAKE ALL THE ADVICE YOU CAN GIVE ME!




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It's an INTERESTING idea, but it A) looks a little like Dallas and B ) would be better if there were some historical meaning behind the colors. Good job on the photoshop, though. It looks pretty realistic except for the numbers on the biceps.

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