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Under The Drill


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ok, this afternoon I underwent three long hours of pure HELL as I had a root canal done

I wasnt even sedated, and during the procedure the dentist keeps asking me "does it hurt?"

well let me see....youre only poking at my exposed nerve with a sharp metal object....NO IT FEELS GOOD!!! DO IT SOME MORE!!! :wacko:

I must say though, the dental assistant was a cute girl that appeared to be in her mid 20s, and I would have asked her out if not for the fact I had some rubber bib sticking out of my mouth not to mention the fact I was practically drowning in my own drool..... <_<

nonetheless though, at least the worst is over. Now I have another appointment to look forward to so I can get the damn thing capped.....sigh

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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