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Odland Field


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Me and my brother are working on making a wiffle ball field in our back yard. Niether of us are very good at making logos onthe computer so we were wondering if any one would want to help us out. I did not know where else to put this request so i put it here.

Here is a little bit of information about the field:

-There is a red barn that is the left field wall (much like the Green Monster in Boston)

-It is called Odland Field

-the rest of the outfield wall is black and is much shorter then the barn

-if you could, can you incorperate red, black and grey into the logo also

Thank you very much if you decide to take this on and feel free to ask any more questions to help make the logo!

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I'm intrigued by this, so I have a couple of questions just in case I choose to take it on... first, I'm assuming the barn is your typical wooden, gambrel-roofed barn like this. If not, what exactly does it look like? And are there trees behind the fence, and is there anything of interest in right field to balance out the logo? Thanks.

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hey, sweet. the roof is some what like that but not as many bends in it.. i took a few pictures of the field and i will post them on here later tonight. there is no fence up yet but i will describe what it will look like when i post the photos. Thank you for showing intrest in this project.

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