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Nashville Predators


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I was taking a look at the Predators logos the other day when I thought of something. Every time I see the predator head logo, I think it looks robotic. The gray and steel shadows on it make it appear mechanical or something. So I decided to fix it. Like any concpet, I took a look at every aspect of the team. Colors, logos, jersey, etc. The jerseys they have now seem a little too basic. I put together some new jerseys as well.


Currently, the Predators have eight official colors. I think that is too many, so I cut it down to a few. Here is what I used:



Like I said earlier, the Predators current logo looks mechanical. So I removed some of the effects used to make it look less mechanical. I also replaced orange with yellow/gold. The alternate logo is the skull logo, which I used on the shoulders. The script/wordmark is the basic Predators wordmark. The last logo is used on the new alternate jersey.



I think the Preds current jerseys are too basic. I added steel to them, as well as using a new striping design. The home and road are navy and white. The alternate is a classic-themed jersey. It is gold and features a diagonal Nashville script with a classic striping pattern.




C+C as always!

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So, you removed some gray highlights, and filled in the Lightning's third template? Let's see something more creative.

Alternate seems fine but the diagonal lettering is stupid, it doesn't match anything they use even slightly, and way better logos are available.

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