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Cricket outfits through the years at Lord's Cricket Ground


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I want one of those England touring caps.

Shockingly, the beautiful caps that the England team wears this summer, navy blue with the three lions and crown, (as seen here) are unavailable for sale! The same goes for Australia's gorgeous green Test caps.

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The official caps that Test cricketers wear are only given out to those who actually play the game.

The current traditions of the Australian "baggy green" are that you get presented one on the morning of your debut which is to last until your final test match. Replacements are given only if the cap is utterly beyond repair. The players regard it as the most important piece of their kit and the Aussies will go out into the field united in the first session of a test in their baggy green caps before some switch out into wider-brimmed hats later in the day.

Also to a lesser extent, the official Australian coat of arms isn't supposed to be sold on merch to the public - most of the sporting organisations that use it on their shirts/caps use a modified version for items available for sale.

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A great tradition which reaches its limits when you've got a guy like Steve Waugh who was so proud of his cap he barely let anyone touch it, let alone repair it for most of his 19 year career, until it looked like this.


Although he was offered a new cap after reaching 100 tests, he instead got his original one repaired so he could keep wearing it!

Whilst on this topic, I'm disappointed with the coloured trim sneaking onto various teams' test whites/creams the last couple of years. Its not like these are a large merchandising item because of their bland nature but they're trying to differentiate them enough to sell them.

I love how the Australian gear is not only free of trim, it is also a light cream shade rather than stark white. Unless you had someone in a white shirt next to them you'd hardly notice, but then when you see the contrast its quite nice.

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