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Return of the Grays


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The Providence Grays were a professional baseball team from 1878 until 1885, in 1884 they won the first world championship vs the NY Metropolitans. They also were a team who in a short time holds and had held some unique records. Including, but not limited too, a 60 game winner (Charlie Old Hoss), the first african american in baseball (William Edward White), a 19 strike out game which lasted until Roger Clemens broke that mark, and the second perfect game.


As a rebrand and a move back into baseball as an independent team, similar to that of the Worcester Tornadoes of the CanAm league, they have changed names from the Providence Grays to the Rhode Island Grays. They also adopted the mascot of a gray fox to better represent the teams original nickname.

The uniforms are a little simple, but I thought it would work well with in at least trying to retain some historical ties to the original team.



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This looks pretty good. I like the addition of a gray fox. One thing though- the gray number on the home uniform wouldn't look too good in action, you should probably make it black.

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