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  1. Little late to this one as I haven't been frequenting the boards too much, but a big thank you goes to you guys. I appreciate it!
  2. Go to Continental Football League in the Graveyard if you want to join my fantasy league.

  3. So when are you continuing the UFL concept?

  4. When can we expect more concepts?

  5. So how's your UFL project so far?

  6. Hey man, if you aren't busy would you want to possibly make a logo for me? Oh, and your PM box is full, ahah.

  7. Definately. I actually really enjoy the look of their current set. Anything else in my honest opinion was inferior.
  8. That's exactly what their set needs. Right next to those striped socks. Although Indy's all white look is one of the most underrated sets in the league.
  9. I'm not even a hockey fan and I can completely agree.
  10. I'm with you on that one...I'm really fond of their current set, I'm glad the kelly green has moved out.
  11. -I love the current Cardinals look. I'm not sure why, but it's always nice to see them on the field. -I love the Brewers current set, the BiG logo is getting way too much praise than it ever deserved. -The neon alternates the Seahawks released this past year were AMAZING. -LOVE the simplicity of throwbacks, only if they're used sparingly. -Modern piping isn't horrible to me. -Like the thought of having gray road jerseys. -I really dislike when teams use two bright colors, instead of two contrasting colors. They just seem to bleed into one color from further away. -I hate when logos that were horrible in the first place are kept because of it's history; just move on already. -I can't STAND pants any other color than the color of the road jersey or white; baseball doesn't need mustard pants, Pittsburgh.
  12. Looks like MLB Tucson to me. Either that or Dirty Sox.
  13. Yes. Fairly easy, as long as you know what you're setting out todo, you should get the hang of it pretty easily.
  14. I bet it's custom, I haven't seen that around. Could be an actual font and I don't know it.
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