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STS-131 Mission Patch Released


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STS-131 (ISS Assembly Flight 19A) is scheduled to launch no earlier than March 18, 2010 and will be the penultimate flight of Discovery, the final shuttle mission to have 7 crew members, and the final flight that will include rookie astronauts. It will be carrying the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module "Leonardo" to the International Space Station.



Commander: Alan Poindexter (2)

Pilot: James Dutton (1)

Mission Specialist 1: Richard Mastracchio (3)

Mission Specialist 2: Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger (1) - Flight Engineer

Mission Specialist 3: Clayton Anderson (2)

Mission Specialist 4: Stephanie Wilson (3)

Mission Specialist 5: Naoko Yamazaki (1) (JAXA)

* number in brackets denotes number of spaceflights including this mission

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