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Has To Be Another Ebay Fake!


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They probably were made by a different manufacturer or they're M&N fakes because Mitchell and Ness, to my knowledge, is not allowed to do active players. I also cannot find a '94 Bledsoe or Niners' Rice on the M&N Website. Also, neither Bledsoe nor Rice are on the Player Agreement List.

I did a google search and found a '94 Bledsoe M&N Throwback. It was on an auction site similar to e-bay and they were selling it for $75 - probably a fake. Unfortunately, M&N discontinued its line of '94 throwbacks a couple of years ago, so I can't find out whose jerseys they offered and whether or not they were currently active players.

They could also be bootlegs that weren't intended to be sold in the US.

Also, M&N made the throwbacks the Atlanta Braves used last season. Those were sold at MLB.com, but since there were no names on the back, I don't think it violated any licensing agreements.

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M & N can only make jerseys of retired players - active players are covered by Reebok's deal with the NFL.

Actually I remember seeing the '94 Bledsoe and the '89 49ers Rice on Distant Replays 2-2 1/2 years ago.Maybe a reason they discontinued such jerseys is BECAUSE they could no longer do current players, because the recent jerseys they have released at least since early '03 have been retired players(for football anyway,basketball current does have current guys available).Also Jeff George and Randall Cunningham were active in '02 and M&N had already released their '94 throwbacks.This is probably a rule or provision that was put into place fairly recently.


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