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AZ Cardinals in White


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From what I'm gathering from this post, it looks like the Cardinals wore white at home because they knew it would clash with the pink stuff: http://blog.azcardinals.com/2009/10/09/friday-before-the-texans/

It says: "Think pink Sunday at the game with Breast Cancer Awareness (there will be collection buckets at stadium entrances for anyone looking to make a donation). The Cardinals want to look the part too, so they are breaking out (I think, off the top of my head, for the first time at UoP) the white-on-white uniforms this time around. Red tends to clash with pink and all that. Maybe it changes up the Cards’ home luck, too."

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Couldn't you have just put this in the other thread like we have done for all the other teams that wore white at home?

Hey! It's comments like this that will make him ask us to graveyard the thread.

Welcome to DrunjFlix

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