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U of Oregon football


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I watched the U of O wear throwbacks two weeks ago and thought they looked very very solid, especially when compared to some of the Oregon diamond-plate pattern, 80 million uniform combination junk they've been wearing in the last couple years.

Anyhow, here's what I was thinking. I like the feather design from this year. It's a unique shoulder adornment, and Oregon ought to look good while looking non-traditional.

I kept the yellow helmet and green jersey combination of the throwback, because I think that was the key element that made me like the throwbacks so much.

I added the digits intended to look like the "Joey Harrington Era" when the U of O was very good in the early '00s. I think it's good to link your team to past success through at least something.


I'm not actually a huge fan of the black pants, but I think that they make it look like something more in line with what the big O would actually wear. The green road pants would also be available if they wanted the monochrome look.

The helmets have the large "O" on either side, though it cannot be seen in the picture well.

What are your thoughts?

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There's some good stuff here, especially you having eliminated silver. The "duck wings" are indeed a unique uniform component and its a shame it's wasted on such a bad overall design currently. The numbers are an improvement though I can't say I'm a fan. I'm not too keen on the black pants, especially with black absent everywhere else but hey its your concept.

Question- are these all the uniform options? It seems a bit limiting to me (by Oregon standards). I think their white helmets-jerseys-pants look is their best so I was just wondering.

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