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McDonald's Hockey Cards


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I just bought some hockey cards up at McDonalds...and I see that yet again, there is no Crosby card. Anyone know why?

They have never had a Crosby card from them because he is licensed specifically to Upper Deck or something like that. So unless they pay a crap load of money they cannot get his image nor reproduction of his autograph.


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That makes more sense now. I think they had a specialty card of his last year though, but they must have just chose not to do it again. I am dissapointed in their picks for the leafs though. Schenn and Stajan...They need Kaberle and Kessel...but since they are already premade before the summer I could settle for Blake. (They have to be premade though because Montreal's players are Markov, Koivu and Price and Koivu doesn't even play there anymore.)


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