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  1. They won 2 last year (@Wake & @NC State). But big win for the Eagles.
  2. https://unc.peopleadmin.com/postings/122603 Work as a full-time temporary graphic designer for Carolina Athletics. Great place to work and you'd get a lot of cool projects. Feel free to message me if you have questions.
  3. UEFA 16 (13 currently) CAF 9 (5) AFC 8.5 (4.5) CONMEBOL 6 (4.5) CONCACAF 6.5 (3.5) Oceania 1 (0.5) Host Country 1 or more if co-hosted (1) http://www.si.com/planet-futbol/2017/01/10/fifa-world-cup-expansion-48-teams-2026-gianni-infantino
  4. The digital platform is going to be ESPN3/WatchESPN content rebranded with the ACC Network logo. No different than what's already on those platforms. Would be shocked if there is any original programming.
  5. Hope you like logos with triangles! Raleigh/Durham International Piedmont Triad
  6. You and everyone else, which is why we haven't worn them since.
  7. Belgium looks like the Hawks by using volt when they should use regular yellow.
  8. Between 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south, along with most of Africa and South Asia.
  9. Love when breweries do color swaps for different beers. Not my favorite typeface, but it's a cool look. Also love Creature Comforts look.
  10. Guzan has been fine since he took over for Howard. Unfortunately, he had a below average game last night. I don't know, but JK's lineups have seemed SUPER random lately. I'd agree with playing people he wants to be good instead of those who are actually good. Wish Feilhaber was at least in the camp. 1000x better than Corona. Also did I miss something with Omar Gonzalez? I like him as a CB, but maybe I missed him playing terrible or something? Also I so want Zardes to be good, but he hasn't played well. ):
  11. This is awesome. Gonna work on an Athens one. Any rules on hills? Seems like the whole town is a hill. Could do some downtown racing along with campus.
  12. Obviously with different weights, but what's the "check in tomorrow" font?
  13. Orlando is getting an MLS team, so they will no longer have a USL team.
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