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Sioux Falls Canaries announcement Wed.


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4:30 Central Wed the 17th will usher in a "significant and culture changing announcement" for the Sioux Falls Canaries.

02/16/2010 9:54 AM

The Sioux Falls Canaries would like invite everyone to a very important press conference this Wednesday, February 17th at 4:30 PM. This will take place inside the Sioux Falls Convention Center.

At the press conference the Canaries will be announcing some major changes taking place within the franchise as well as unveil plans for changes inside the ballpark, including new ballpark cuisine! Fans will have an opportunity to sample some of the new food items that will be served at the ballpark during this time as well!

We hope you can join us at the Sioux Falls Convention Center this Wednesday, February 17th at 4:30 PM for this very special announcement.

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I bet they're coming back to the Northern League.

Now, I know things can get wacky and last-minute in the world of unaffiliated baseball, but I don't know if they can get this wacky anymore. So, let me ask: if your league-hopping theory proves out, could it be a move effective for this season? What I'm getting at here is, could Sioux Falls be taking the place of the Lake County Traveshamockery at the league's 8th team?

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I'm purely speculating here, but the NoL needs to desperately regain some form of respect. It is no longer the premier North American Independent baseball league, but a parody of itself. It's been a parody of itself since the Alberta expansion and the defection of most of its teams to the AA.

It's in grave danger of becoming a Chicago-centric league, as witnessed by the bribing of Rockford to join the league, and the soon-to-be-trivia-fodder Lake County franchise, which still has no place to play. The league doesn't particularly care about Winnipeg/Fargo/Kansas City, and is showing no willingness to try to locate decent ownership outside the Chicagoland area (although some would say that the ownership within Chicagoland isn't any great shakes), even though those are the three teams who probably have the most stability of all.

Do I think LCF will play a home game this year? No. Do I think the NoL is on its last legs? Yes. Has Sioux Falls been one of the cities lamenting its departure from the NoL? Yes, along with Lincoln.

In short, I think the NoL needs to do something quickly to cover its ass, and get back to respectability. LCF is likely a bust, but if they give the Canaries the same kind of deal they gave Rockford (here's some money, get out of debt), then that might work to regain some sense of balance in the league again.

If they don't do something soon, then the Chicago teams will start looking at joining up with another league, starting their own, or kicking the other franchises to the curb. If that happens, Winnipeg, Fargo and KC are left with the decisions of joining up with the Frontier League, the GBL (which has its own problems), the AA (which Fargo and Winnipeg have already stated is NOT an option), or folding.

And that would be a damned shame.

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You know, a Chicago/Illinois league would be a perfect AA circuit for midwestern teams. Joliet, Schaumburg, Gary, Crestwood, Rockford, possibly Zion and Woodstock. I think there's some sort of team down in Bloomington-Normal. The Lincoln League.

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