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Rockford IceHawks

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Ok I've been working on this for a while (with help in another topic) and decided to start fresh with a new topic. I put it together as if I were presenting it to a company. So here are the "slides".












Please CC, though I do think I am completely finished. and here is a bigger version of the bird Rfinal.png

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Why did you elect to outfit the team in blue/black/white rather than the parent club's red/black/white, when improving the name to "IceHawks" would suggest strengthening the bond between parent and affiliate? Now they look more like a Lightning affiliate. I like the logo package, especially the stick-wielding hawk (reminds me of one of the WHA teams), but they've gotta dress in red, m'man.

EDIT: Eagles.gif

Ah yes, the Miami Screaming Eagles. Neat logo, glad you drew inspiration from it.

♫ oh yeah, board goes on, long after the thrill of postin' is gone ♫

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Hmmm ya I didn't really make this for the blackhawks just as "gift" to my uncle who owned the IceHogs for a season or two but you do make a great point. If I WERE to make this specifically for the blackhawks, I would do that. I never really thought about that, thanks

and ya I didn't actually take any from that at all, I think I've seen it before but never made a note in my mind haha. I didn't know it was Miami. :) Though the similarities are weird, I guess that means I did a good job :D

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I prefer the name IceHogs and their unique logo. There's plenty of bird nicknames already.

ya I really like them too but this is just an idea. And I'm pretty happy with the job I did on the logo. But jeez I'm kicking myself for not using red now!!! :D

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