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  1. Very nice poster! good hierarchy and color choices (not to mention ripping on those cake eaters form Edina ;)). It's a very impressive poster! I went and played at Eagan, and dated quite a few girls from Rosemount so it's fun to see local schools on here. Rosemount/Eagan next week will be fun!
  2. I like that logo but those uniforms.... and you can't get rid of purple in a vikings concept. C'mon
  3. beautiful. Can I possibly see that Seahawks helmet bigger please?
  4. Not how cold a STADIUM can get but how much worse everything hurts when it's that cold. I guess we didn't have heated benches or coats or anything but I played football in MN and it is miserable in November. But yeah good point. Green bay seems to get along well. Though i would think Minneapolis is colder. Not sure though Edit:I'd argue that more players get hurt in GB than warm cities or domes.
  5. I don't disagree, but replace "Wimps" with "Idiots" and you got my response. The elements of Minnesota's winter gave the Vikings an extra two wins each year in the old Metropolitan Stadium. The fact that, even after all of the disadvantages of the Vikings playing indoors have been exposed, they would still choose to build another dome is just further proof that this is a franchise that'd rather make money off of non-football ventures than put a quality football team on the field that's capable of winning a Super Bowl. I'm embarrassed to even consider them a rival. Ha. You want an outdoor stadium in Minnesota. In December and January. Playing football in the cold (and trust me MN is Crazy COLD that time of year) hurts. It hurts extremely bad. And you are paying these players millions of dollars. It would highly deter FAs and injure a ton of players. They aren't wimps or idiots. Outdoor football that time of year in MN is not doable. But I rather have a closed roof and not a dome. Domes suck
  6. Ok I want to give you a fair amount of CC. Good concepts like this should get way more CC and view than bad series. But people find it easier to rip on bad concepts then to comment on well made ones like these. So here are my thoughts. I like the look of the league logo....but it would never work for real. It looks cool, but isn't functional. The splatter is too small and it just doesn't fit as a league logo. But like I said, it IS cool looking. So if that's more important than functionality, nice job. Denver: I love the look of the mountain. It's a very solid logo. I am not a fan of the 5280, but others seem to be so it's probably just me. The other change I would make is the DENVER font. It just doesn't look right. Pixelated and just not a good font. I don't know if you made the stadium logo, but that looks amazing. That logo is incredible. Boston: Not feeling it at all. I think logos need to have a standard outline or at least a key line. The whole two toned thing would only work on a black background and really just isn't practical. I think you should totally redo this one and that you could do a lot better now. It's just so simple and not very creative. i know you ca do a lot better! Chicago: very cool. I love the secondary. It is more standard logo esque then these crests and soccer like badges. It's cool to see you branch out a bit. The only think I would change is add a MUCh thicker white outline to the primary. IX Counties: This is just a cool simple, professional looking concept. Not much to it, but nothing wrong with it. Nicely done. Carolina: I don't really know what to say as far as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. It may just be me and my eyes. I'm not a fan of this at all. I think you could do a much better flyer themed logo. Minnesota: Drop the drop shadow on the font and it'd be a LOT better. The axe head needs a bit of refinement, otherwise this could be a very cool, and solid design. Glad to see a MN team! Outlaws: you can do a much better western themed logo. The crest shape is just awkward. The hat is good, but it just looks very awkward to me on the outline. In any case, it needs a much thicker key line. Again, lose the drop shadow. New York: By far my favorite. I love it. Great logo. Houston: Pretty cool. Not a fan of the 2012 though. And I think you Houston on the wordmark should either be dropped or centered. Overall your league looks great.
  7. I like matte helmets and I like matte helmets with shiny decals
  8. Dylovastuff http://www.dafont.com/dylovastuff.font?text=STEVEN+STAMKOS
  9. please ? this font is everywhere the bottom one?
  10. I don't think this should be too hard. Does anyone know it? most importantly the PHOENIX one? thanks!
  11. I go to high school right outside of minneapolis. I counted more than 66 vikings jerseys and I'm almost certain no more than 2 were authentic the shiny numbers give it away so easy. i did see one $20 jersey (I asked) that looked legit. It looked great.
  12. This is a giant game of risk. That's exactly what I was thinking but couldn't think of the term. I would actually play that- NCAA Conference Expansion Risk.
  13. Does anyone else feel like this is like a war? 3 dominant "empires" trying to capture other countries and leaving the survivors to fight for their own. Haha this just feels like WWIII for College sports. Sort of Depressing actually
  14. Well I was thinking it would be possible to replace Nebraska if ONLY Nebraska left.
  15. Can someone explain to me why NU leaving made Texas and texas A and M think that the big XII was completely over with? Why not invite Pitt, Rutgers, etc and carry on with 12? I know I am missing something.
  16. And I did a speech on that haha. School can be fun when all your work is about college football rumors
  17. I thought this was a hilarious image. http://www.tigerboard.com/boards/list.php?board=2
  18. Come on Mizzou ....I want them to make it to the Big ten, then I don't care what happens to the big XII. I wrote my end of the year research paper on why Mizzou should go to the Big Ten and I was the only person in the class to get an A (97/100). I'm all for MU/Big Ten. But it's not looking too good
  19. new page, just want to make sure people see it
  20. can someone identify this one?
  21. logo and helmet of a new concept
  22. Does anyone know how to create a decal look to the logo?
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