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Penguins Concept


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Yeah i mixed a few elements from past uni's and the current ones here.

1980-92 design with original colours

vintage circle logo with 1992-2002 "robo penguin" logo inside

current font and pants with original colours

C&C is appreciated

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Nice concept...

The late 70s Pens' always been my favourite of theirs.

First the logo is a little too big.

I would also lose the ROBO-Penguin for a couple of reasons: 1-colours... 2- everything about this shirt says vintage, and that logo was supposed to be "modern" ...

All in all, it's a very attractive concept...

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I really like what you've done here. But, I would suggest a few things be modified.

1.) Make the robo-penguin logo a little smaller in the circle and erase that "Copyright" or "Reserved" symbol at the bottom left of it.

2.) I would suggest a captain's "C" be placed on the sweater.

Other than those two things, I would buy this in a hot minute if the Pens went to this design. Nice job.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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