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Today was the launch of CS5 and by god their is some really really good features and enhancements.

Every programme has some killer new feature added.

The content aware fill in PS is scary as hell, especially the horse video on the launch site.

Aslo in Illustrator a great addition of variable stroke widths.

A must purchase for print, web, video, mobile and interactive designers

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Didn't they buy out one of the plugin makers though.

Also Fraser what do you think of the AFter effects updates, the automated mask tool that just runs looks pretty good saves doing it frame by frame

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theyve bought out douzens of plugins.

the biggest new feature of cs5 ae is that its 64 bit native. just means it will potentially be able to address a lot more memory than previous iterations.

they always have new little features like the one you mentioned, and its always a case of just sucking and seeing. its difficult to gauge how well these things

will work before you get to use them yourself. as its not a backward compatible program, i have only fiddled around with a few new bits as i cant actually use

it for work. ill let you know when everyone else in the office gets it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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