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Mexican soccer


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I believe you have seen the Salamanca FC Petroleros one before. While I was in Mexico I did some work. I've been holding out. So here are 3 concepts. The second is Atalante FC from Cancun I believe. This goes with the maritime theme of Atalante (named Atlantic after the WWII battles there.) And the last is the 2nd division team of Club America, Socio Aguiles. I wanted to tie it in more with its parent, but also have its own identity.


More to come. C&C as always.

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I believe I read that somewhere. Possibly wikipedia. Which, of course, could be wrong. Atlante. You're right.

As for the Aussie Rules....who knew??? Thats crazy random. My brother is in Melbourne, he's seen a few matches, but I don't know what teams.

My friend played for Tijuana, too. He's played for Chivas USA, Salamanca and Quetero (spell check please). Armando Begines. I dont know if hes still playing.

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The Club América B team logo looks amazing really captures what América as a whole is about and in a cool way which doesn't over shadow the first team. Atlante is pretty cool looking as well and I am pretty sure max's explanation for the team name is correct. I don't really know much about Salamanca FC Petroleros but that logo isn't really too inspiring what ever the team is, the colours don't work well together and it's just overall really dull.

I look forward to seeing more.

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