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  1. Ideally, The Knicks, to take any team in the NBA, should play every team in their league (NBA) once at home once away, every team in their conference (and all "Conferences/Divisions" should have a really good reason for existing) once (more) home and away, and every team in their division once more (than teams just in their Conference) home and away. The last "idea" (divisional games) is really open. Should the Knicks play twice as many games against their Atlantic Division opponents as their Central/Southeast opponents, just like they play twice as many games against the Eastern Conference as the Western Conference? Should the Knicks play 3 or 4 home and home series versus Atlantic Division opponents? Does the amount of games played matter? Getting long, basically, I am an advocate of a shorter schedule, but if Conferences/Divisions must exist, the smallest grouping of teams should be where the preliminary playoff games must exist. There are no clear answers, but I think truly divisional playoff rounds ("Smythe Division") are the could provide a basis for the existence of a playoff (think "should divisional regular season games be three or four home away series?"), with the winners of each divisional playoff playing in a tournament, but... There are six divisions. What system is most often used to determine winners in a group of six? Right. Round-robin.
  2. The current NBA has very few scheduling/alignment deficiencies. The deficiencies are magnified by the massively unbalanced home-court advantage (25%) in the league, second only to the MLS (29%, larger than EPL). The Knicks are 4 games back of 1st in the East: They play the Western Conference 30 times (h/a, even). They play their Atlantic Division teams twice home twice away (16 games). They play three teams in each of the other divisions in the conference twice home and twice away also (24 games). The Knicks remaining 12 games are the cause of the dysfunction, and can be fixed by adding 4 games to the schedule. The missing games: vs. Charlotte, @ Atlanta, @ Milwaukee, vs. Cleveland Vs 4 teams of atlantic HHAA Vs 6 teams of central/southeast HHAA Vs 2 teams of central/southeast HHA Vs 2 teams of central/southeast HAA Vs 15 teams of western conference HA Either go up to 86 (HA vs opp conf, HHAA vs own conf) or go down to 58 and release team schedules from conference/divisional discriminations (or add different discriminations, like regulating league divisions by past performance... ...but what amount of teams should be included in each new conference and what criteria should determine the best teams?). The Home team will beat the Away team in the NBA 30% of the time... From Houston (Rockets are in the Western Conference): Western Conference 143 Eastern Conference 138 Add four games to the schedule and the all-star game will be twice as arbitrary.
  3. So is it my responsibility to provide reasons for this statement or is somebody else going to make me prove it? *This is the main criteria juries use to prove guilt beyond all reasonable doubt.
  4. Colleges just need to provide more athletic scholarships to make the jump? A full-ride probably averages out to about $20,000 among all current D1 schools, with low variance (in-state/out-of-state, private tuition, etc probably are the only big factors that would raise the average, I think). How many scholarships per team separate these massive divisions of NCAA college teams ("D1 schools give out 10 basketball full-rides, D2 schools give out 5 full-rides," for example)?
  5. "20 factorized?" "The prime factors of 20 are...?" "The prime factorization of 20 is...?" You are right, I don't know how to explain this concept correctly, but I doubt many people on here would rather explain to me how to use the concept (also called "the theory of algebra") than try to kick me off of here. Fact is, and what I have noticed, nobody really ever has new ideas on here. I would have gladly deleted my account if I didn't have some expectation that this forum would be interesting. It used to be a goldmine for great ideas. I'm sure the Concepts and Sports Logos forums are full of ideas that will govern branding in the future. This website is probably the most high-profile it has ever been. I really don't know what you are all asking me to do. Keep in mind that I can just come back whenever I want under a different name, like how RoughRiders99 became MarshallErikson so that the attacks against my posts seem more popular. Whatever. Post your fake leagues and . I'll read all of them. If you don't want my thoughts, don't post them. You can't just say my thoughts are ":censored:ed up." You just have to hit "Send" on the bottom right. Don't be afraid. Don't be a dumb bully. You can write anything. "Fitting your thoughts into the topic" is impossible. Learn to enjoy reading what you consider "off-topic" posts. If the intent of the post is to be off topic, you will become more valuable to the board if you relate the post to what you think the topic "is." This board survives on posts. How does the previous post relate to the topic? People don't like me because my ideas are ":censored:ed up." Wow.
  6. Article V amendment's ability to amend itself is the most Godelian. Many ways. Do you feel like you have to defend everyone who asks for your legal expertise?
  7. Stupid sitcom and played-out movie memes. Find Kurt Godel's Constitutional loophole or explain how the Constitution would allow for a dictatorship. I will absolutely delete my account if the lawyer either finds Godel's loophole or thinks of a way Murka can become a vampire zombie Hunger Games Star Wars dictatorship.
  8. There are many ways the American Constitution allows for dictatorship.
  9. Travel time is probably equal, but he didn't mention that travel time could be a factor. The MLB divisions are linear (a line from west through "central" to east). Basically, there are two coastal divisions and one central division per league. This bothers me because choosing which teams go in each of the three divisions must begin on the coasts. In other words, the 5 "westernmost" teams are automatically put in the west, the 5 easternmost are the East Division, thus the remaining teams are "central" only for being not one of the five easternmost or westernmost teams. The Central Divisions are made up of geographical leftovers. I don't remember why I had to share that idea.
  10. Notice the favorite NFL team of the residents of Ziebach County in South Dakota (one of the poorest counties in America). Ziebach County is on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. Their favorite team is the Kansas City Chiefs (Tomahawk Chop). It's the only Chiefs county on the map outside the area that includes Arrowhead Stadium. My neighbors have gone to Ziebach County with their church every year (to build a community center, church, thrift shop, etc...) for at least ten years. I have accompanied them on two occasions. Kansas City Baptists have made the residents of one of the poorest counties in America (on a Native American reservation) into Kansas City Chiefs fans. The county is in the middle of the state and is shaped like an "L," it sits on the Denver Broncos area border.