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  1. I never liked the Buccs new look, haha, it's still new to me, I'm old. Pewter was never the "new silver." Will chrome be the new silver? Hmmmm. If the Raiders did it, it would make a little more sense. I'm really interested to see what direction they go especially since Nike is kind of 2 out of 3 in the logo department.
  2. I've seen this type of idea before but with the Jet going up instead of crashing. Jets fly...
  3. A lot of hits...a few misses. I wish I could go into more detail. There are just too many to crit all of them. There is no detail in the berry. It could be a lump of anything. All it needs is some simplified strokes inside the top of it (I imagine it like a blueberry). Bluejay, Baymen, Shooters, some of the redoes are off. At the beginning...there are some elongated logos that seem to be a "rut" that you got in. Cowtown is really forced. London isn't done as well as it could have been. Surrey and Thunder Bay aren't your best. The polar bear is fine though. The one with the rose needs to be rethought/redesigned. You have maybe 4 or 5 with wavy water lines. Probably the one that doesn't work the best is Niagara, maybe just go with straight lines. I've done these BIG concept projects myself looking for feedback. They are beyond their worth in good crit than back pats. If you're looking for honest feedback and how to make these better, I hope I helped. Maybe you'll change these or in the future look at your work differently, I sure do mine. You do really great stuff. I looked through the whole thing thinking I wished I had done a lot of these.
  4. They'll never go with Chiefs again. I don't think you can get away with naming a new team Chiefs in this day and age. Plus the Kaiser Chiefs are more famous for using/stealing it. I'm wondering if you took out the Silverbacks name. I think we all know what type of animal that is. SARAH. SARAH. We've all seen the movie. Also, the Silverback still needs a lot of work. Not sure about the feather tie in. I know you're trying to do a FC Dallas/Burn type thing, but it's not the same team at all. I think this last one is close. Just needs to be cleaned up and finalized.
  5. Don't fret about the colors. Your logos should start in black and white. You'll add color toward the end. Just get the concept on paper, yes I said paper, and start transferring them to vector. Everything will fall into place.
  6. Realistically Australia protects AFL way too much to ever allow the feasibility of American Football there. Also, your south America selections are odd, by leaving out Argentina which is really the only place I could see it working. Also, is this a World Cup of American Football? If it's a league you would need to rethink the national identities, because I would think you would have multiple teams in some countries.
  7. Good for the NFL. Very glad to hear that actually. It's the UP that's barely a part of the US.
  8. He was talking about the game jerseys. Those are all made in the USA. Also gullible isn't in the dictionary! "Made in the USA" Doesn't = Made in the USA ... oddly enough things made in Macau are labeled "Made in the USA". You need to go online and find out if it's TRULLY "Made in the USA" or if it's only labeled as "Made in the USA" due to Free Trade, etc. People buy things that say "Made in the USA" and fat cat capitalist politicians have sold that label to the lowest bidder.
  9. The WORLD. Right. America, yes. The world? If your world consists of only America, which for most Americans it does, then yes, the world.
  10. Dear EVERYONE - UC Berkley ie CAL is the ORIGINAL UC campus then UC Davis was founded (Established 1905 (1959 as a general UC campus) as their agricultural campus. THE official colors of the UC system is blue and gold. UCLA was actually a branch of San Jose Normal School (San Jose State today). I like to believe they got their colors from us as they are Blue & Gold as well! Thank you. Color Exceptions UCSF - Teal Name "Rule" UCLA UCSF CAL 11, 12 and 13 are actually their "currents". I forget the name of that crappy firm that does those...Fordham, Fresno Grizzlies, all those horrible I'm holding the name ones. PS It was Reagan as governor who started charging for a UC education. Prior to him a great education was paid for.
  11. I like it. I think it looks great. I don't know if the University branding police would like it. Waaaaaaaaay off topic: I think college soccer is hurting the US on the international stage. College soccer is not where we should be developing our young players.
  12. Actually (on topic for once) I was thinking when the play goes up there you can't see the ball.
  13. I saw that last week. It's too big, pointless, and real annoying.