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NCAA Realignment


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OK, so its not an "artistic concept" but it is a concept. With the Big-10 blow up looming and the SEC chomping at the bit to match what ever the Big-10 does, here we go...

It's all about football and it is all about money. So I took the top 80 revenue generation teams and put them into 5, 16 team conferences. ***I must say I took out Air Force and replaced them with Boise State. No Army or Navy and Boise State lives in the BCS so that was the only change. I tried to take into account geographic locations, time zones, rivalries and cultures. Basically the Pac-10, Big-12, SEC, Big-10 and ACC chopped and screwed.


I would have liked to put Kentucky and Louisville together but it just didn?t work, that was the only big rivalry that is destroyed by this format...and of course the only one that I care about! But I did this for you people!

BTW...it will never happen.

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