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Old / Classic / Retro Logo T-Shirts


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Not sure if any of you remember, or bought from, Classic Sports Logos aka Section 219 (http://www.classicsportslogos.com/). They printed t-shirts with many logos from the old defunct pro leagues like the WHA, ABA, NASL, WFL, and USFL. I bought a couple from them and had planned on buying more, but the sites disappeared for a while. Recently though I was browsing through Amazon.Com and found a California Surf t-shirt. It got me to do some more extensive searches. I've been wanting to get a Los Angeles Aztecs shirt. In less then a hour I came across Sports Retro (http://www.sportsretro.com/).

Sports Retro has all the above leagues along with some others. I placed my order for two different LA Aztecs shirts (they had three different logos to choose from). The white shirts are Hanes tagless. They feel more sturdy then those purchased from Section 219 and are very comfortable. They have four different choices for each logo on the site. You can have a big logo in the middle of the shirt, a big logo with the league logo and year under it, and then those two options but small logos on the left (much like a polo shirt might have). For the NASL teams you can get the logos on actual jerseys, but just my opinion, they looked kind of dumb that way.

Here's my shirts:


I wish the logos turned out a little darker. The ones I purchased from Section 219 are about four or five years old and the logos are starting to look about as light as these are already.

Shipping was a bit steep. After putting one shirt in the "cart", shipping was listed as $6.95. However, the shipping costs didn't go up after adding the second shirt. I would assume that shipping would go up for three since they sent the two shirts in one of those "If It Fits It Ships" boxes from the USPS and there was barely any room for the invoice.

It took them nearly two weeks to actually ship them after placing my order, but with Priority Shipping, they arrived in less then 48 hours after getting notice of shipment.

We'll see how they hold up, but I will probably be purchasing more when the budget allows.

Detroit Dragons - 2010 ULL Gait Cup Champions

Detroit Cougars - 2010 and 2011 WAFA Wills Cup Champions

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