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University of Virginia Rebrand / Cavs rebrand


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Akronite posted a beautiful paint image that had a great idea behind it. I liked it so much that I had to see what I would do based on his concept and execute it in Photoshop. First of I LOVE the idea. I am sure this is frowned upon on the forums - but I changed it a lot in my opinion. He did the Cleveland Cavaliers rebrand... I changed it up and did the UVA (uni of Virginia Cavaliers) rebrand.

For original thread: http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=74225&st=0

His image:

Flaws: I need to work on the scripts I know that. the LI looks like a U.


my image:


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I definitely need to work on the scripts.

And please comments about copying the idea to yourself. I OBVIOUSLY accredited him for the great work he's thought of and I just wanted to execute it a little differently.

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