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Thanks for reading/replying. A guy I work with is friends with a NJ Devil (this is legit). Over the years he's collected some nice game used things. He knows I'm a uniform junkie so he asked me what stuff was worth. I'm not familiar with game worn stuff so I checked out a couple of websites. I know some of the things he's thinking about getting rid of are a Brodeur stick and an autographed jersey...both game worn.

Does the autograph hurt a game worn item?

Could someone point me in the right direction to tell him about what it's worth? I know to look for things like wear and tear and special patches, etc. I see on gameworn.com that a Tom Barrasso sells for $2000 so I'm sure Brodeur might be worth a little more.

Thanks again.

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The National Sports Collectors Convention was in Baltimore this year and I went with my cousin. There was a guy that sold a ton of game used jerseys. Alot of the baseball jerseys I was looking at were all scrubs I never heard of, yet the jerseys still cost $200. I know that's not a real good estimate for your friends jerseys, but I'm sure its worth way more because it is Brodeur. That fact that its autographed most likely increases its value. I think your friend is in for a lot of money if he ever decided to sell it. Sorry, I can't give a better estimate, but I learned that game used jerseys are something to get if you can get them cheap.

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No, in fact game-worn collectors (the hardcore ones at least) HATE when jerseys are autographed. That doesn't mean a Brodeur gamer won't still fetch a pretty penny though. You'll need appropriate documentation to get a good price. Another way to increase the value is to photomatch it--produce a picture that you can prove is of him wearing the jersey during a game (usually done by showing specific marks on the jersey--stick marks, puck marks, etc.).

Someone is asking $7500 for Brodeur's jersey from Ken Daneyko night on Meigray. Of course, that means they haven't GOTTEN $7500 for it, but it's a start.

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Does anyone collect game used hockey jerseys on this site.

A few San Jose Sharks That I have

Rob Blake

Igor Larionov

Ed Belfour

Joe Thornton

Jeremy Roenick

Jeff Odgers

Dave Brown

Marty McSorley

Owen Nolan

Todd Ewen

Teemu Selanne

Doug Wilson

Link Gaetz

Always looking for 90's Sharks gamers

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