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  1. This program peaked for me last go around. You don’t need pastel colors for every team, so many games, and the brands got too similar. How many luchadores, sugar skulls, etc do you need?
  2. How can the cardinals manage to have a standard helmet and two additional sets of helmets for rarely used caps (Sunday alternate home and road vs red colors) yet other teams can’t have helmets that match a cap they wear most of the time? Is it that hard to have a matching helmet?
  3. I still can’t digest this move (other than money and press) as far as aesthetics go. This is MiLB crap like the Durham Bulls becoming the cervasa for a dozen games and wearing neon green. Might as well call them the Boston marathons for those games. A game, alright. A weekend, uh, um ok. An alternate. Go to hell. Again, I’ll state people would lose their mind for a dodger or yankee blue jersey, but you’re supposed to be cool with Yankees wearing a pizza uniform for a dozen games for years to come? No thanks.
  4. You know what these uniforms are missing? Ads. Go ahead and make them a total sh— show. Terrible. Wonder what the pirates will do? Everything here is black and gold. And everyone threw stones when people have suggested a blue dodger alternate haha.
  5. But why can’t they have different masks? The chargers do and before the jets changed, they wore gray (for a throwback) white, green, and chrome green (with color rush). I see no problem with swapping masks and that would still stay true to the “nfl brand”
  6. That’s what I was referring to. The throwback would have gray with a 60s vibe and the normal helmet would be color coordinated using the technology that’s been available for the past 50 years.
  7. I like this Bills move as I’m not into the gray masks when it’s not in the colors. Now the throwback look will look proper and the current look will as well. Would have preferred a blue mask, but white is better than gray and comparing to college, most teams go with the white mask on the white helmet...cause it’s icy or clean as opposed to fire. I think fire refers to a solid color monochrome. Hope it inspires the colts, lions, niners go back to color too.
  8. I hope the Mets black jerseys have the drop shadow like they did back in the day. Why? So my mind can say these are just throwbacks rather than bfbs unneeded jerseys.
  9. Soccer is a whore. They allowed the nba and now the nhl to lower their standards. I came here like 20 years ago to see new designs, not a new uniform because of new ads. I probably wouldn’t complain as much if boards/outfield walls were not plastered with ads and starting lineups or power plays weren’t brought to you by..., and there weren’t commercials every 2 minutes. I mean quick timeouts or injuries are now pictures in pictures of ads now. I’m kind of sick of all this and it’ll never go back, just get worse.
  10. Watching sabres (reverse retro) vs pens (home feed so there’s rr commercials to buy theirs). What is the actual theory behind the reverse retro? I thought the idea was to take a retro jersey and flip the colors...like (although stupid and terrible looking) red Blues jersey. But you have Buffalo in a retro complete with retro logos, but new colors, Pittsburgh does a retro flip, but current logo, Detroit uses a practice jersey...so basically I’m really confused with the program. Is it just a 4th fashion jersey with no real “reverse retro” rules to follow?
  11. You know what else that concept got wrong? Contrasting socks/pants. The nfl (unfortunately) loves the leotard look and the new white leotard look cause it’s “clean” on white and “fire” on color (farting sound)
  12. I just keep thinking it’ll be ultimate team heavy since they have all the current player licenses and a lot of legends so you’ll get LSU burrow, FSU Deion, etc..for a lot of grinding...or their favorite...coins for real $. I mean, I hope I’m wrong, but look how they treat franchise vs mut.
  13. Speaking from my gamer perspective...ea will give a bare bones game. They will print money just by making it. They will probably have a weak team building like madden relocating features. They will probably have an ultimate team you get cards highlighted with micro transactions. Also, for my personal enjoyment, I need real players so I need roster sharing and editing. Not sure if they’ll mess with that...at least right away the first few years.
  14. I hate that some of the Titans players are wearing red gloves, sleeves, and/or shoes. I consider red part of a logo color and not much of a uniform color.
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