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  1. I think this week in the nfl has made me flip. $500 helmets, $300 jerseys, $100 pants, $100 cleats and I’m obsessing over the $10 socks (all white or leotard). I swear it’s in every matchup this week. I’ve got my fingers crossed for normal road Steelers vs normal powder blue chargers tonight.
  2. Well, I guess I have to just accept this. Panthers have joined the leotard crew. Remember the bengals used to wear orange socks with the black pants. The nfl just might as well get it over with and you wear black everything at home and white everything away. I guess I’m just not fire or lit being 42. The hs I work at is red-white. This Friday they bought a special blackout uniform which had black numbers-red outline. Their opponents wore white with white numbers-red outlines. The spotters kept getting the wrong numbers and the reporters were complaining on Twitter. Everyone under 30 seemed offended by their complaints.
  3. I’ve resigned to the fact that their will be a few classic teams (packers, Steelers) or all mono dark home and all mono white road (bengals, browns). The other two categories are the oversimplified (jags) or the kitchen sink (Titans, bucs). Maybe I’m that old guy now, but I think this might be the worst I’ve seen teams mix/match in any decade. I applaud what the ravens wore, but they’ll soon break out leotards before you know it. I’ve been begging for socks to change in hopes of limiting leotards, but it just has given us the white leotard instead. I’ll get off my soapbox now.
  4. As a fan, this is what I’d do. Use current shade of red and orange, current flag and ship and port it on to the previous set. Done.
  5. I’m opposite of you, I think shiny pants like the last set. I don’t want to hear Nike can’t do it cause if you can put road construction reflections in the numbers, you can make something better than chocolate pewter. The yokes, lets just burn that idea.
  6. So there were a bunch of players today wearing all white socks when their team didn’t. Notable players were cam newton and dak Prescott. I’m open to the solid sock depending upon the team, not sure about all white socks. Might give it a pass if it’s breaking up a leotard though.
  7. Enjoy that Baby Cakes logo while you can. It’s getting executed really soon. I think that team lasted 3 seasons as them after changing from the zephyrs.
  8. Wow, the little league jerseys wouldn’t be bad for one weekend. Have “the burgh” for your away wordmark and “buccos” for your home nickname. I better shut up now so mlb doesn’t think they need city, pride, the show, etc editions of uniforms...but I’ve been saying the pirate needs a yellow bandanna for years.
  9. I know the Browns have to earn their helmet stripes, but did they take it a step further to earn your socks?
  10. I just wanted to take a moment and thank whoever is responsible for this year’s promotion. As a hat addict, I have no worry that my wallet will be safe this August.
  11. I honestly don’t see the outrage for a navy alternate. I mean it’s a 162 game season and Boston wears 2 alternate jerseys. Heck, beloved Norte Dame wears alternate uniforms.
  12. This may be sacrilege, but I thought they could always have a navy blue road alt with navy hats and St Louis mark and home alt in red with Cardinals mark and scrap the cream and definitely scrap the powder blue.
  13. Isn’t it an old school rule that if you touch the field, you have to be in uniform?
  14. Northwest Arkansas Naturals - Growling Chickens Wisconsin Timber Rattlers - Udder Tuggers (pictured above) Pawtuckett Red Sox - Hot Wieners Corpus Christi Hooks - Blue Ghosts Round Rock Express - Jackalopes those are some of my favs. (Shameless plug) if you look up black74diamond on Flickr, those are mine. I have 300 MiLB hats and a ton of them are one offs so you can read their description to see what team and when it’s worn. enjoy your trip
  15. Take it for what it’s worth, but I was at the Pirates game today and the sign where you pick up tickets had all the giveaways remaining and August 29 was kids players weekend jersey giveaway. The picture was of last year’s jersey though.