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  1. And the fact you can mix and match freely even with color rush elements...cowboys navy over white, browns all white socks with orange pants, etc so there’s no need to wear long underwear. The saints just choose to do so and further, they created another white pant option to do it in regular games. I truly feel they will destroy their look and be all white or all black, the Falcons will be in titans-bad territories, the panthers muddled their look with black leotards, and that leaves the bucs being the best looking team in the division by default and by actual looks.
  2. I think it’s designated as color rush. The last color rush had no orange. Believe me, I agree with you and others with lack of orange and mix-match, but that’s the only explanation I can give for no orange and two pewter pants.
  3. As a bucs fan on first glance, happy orange made it, sad orange isn’t present on pewter set (but if it’s color rush, the last ones had no orange), scratch head on two sets of pewter pants...but see my last point on orange. Curious to see actual shade of red. This is probably what should have happened after the super bowl uniforms and not hat happened the past six years.
  4. I mean maybe, just maybe the above graphic would look ok with white pants. Doubt it though. Curious as to why all the photoshopped pics put the ship facing backwards.
  5. My jerseys are at my parents house, but if I recall, that was black or at least a very dark charcoal color. As a matter of fact, going back to the lack of orange posts, the color rush jersey-pants contains no orange. I have pics on my Flickr account (black74diamond) but I’m way too dumb to know how to post them.
  6. I’d figure they (or someone else) would release something completely stupid tomorrow with it being April fools and then show the legit ones or announce the actual date. It’s not like anything else is going on.
  7. Well, sadly, I agree that these pics are close to legit with the descriptions. Orange will probably be the football on the flag and (barfs in mouth), the makers mark.
  8. I’ve probably said this before in this thread like 50 pages ago, but the creamsicle does stick out in a unique way and does provide me with fond memories, but pewter is also unique and has a trophy attached to those memories. I’m gonna tell you why you’d get sick of the orange really soon...cause these dopes wear white 90% of the time. That white uniform is a far inferior uniform with many things we complain about. Leotard orange socks with orange pants and red numbers when red is not a predominant color in that set. If they’d do something about the leotard and flip the numbers to orange with red trim like ‘76, they’d be manageable. (Still don’t know why they were too hard to read with raiders with silver numbers, saints with gold, and UTenn with no outlines). Go on YouTube and click on Mike alstott highlights. You’ll quickly see how the red/pewter was just a better rebrand. It brought a unique color scheme, a better logo, nodded to the past with accents, allowed for 4 mix/match uniforms which were all decent to great.
  9. Personally, I don’t think you have to hire a big firm to design a local food item with eyes and a bat, some Spanish stereotype, or yoda.
  10. I’m with the crew that says the lack of orange is disappointing, even when it’s been minimal. Just don’t want the makers mark to be orange as it’s not technically, nor should it ever be, an element of the uniform itself. Don’t forget, they had an orange sock option with the last set and wore them once (if memory serves right) and to make it worse, I think it was during the pick October years to make it a real head scratcher.
  11. Why is Bruce backwards on that image from an auction site?
  12. Maybe they’ll only play 1/2 the season in tampa
  13. Man, this thread was filled with rumors, then teasers, then concepts, then fans of this vs that set, then more concepts...then it got big guava jacked
  14. I’m not a local, but my relatives live in St. Pete and I’ve been there on and off hundreds of times and I’ve never heard of it either...ever.
  15. I’m gonna throw out my latest predictions based on the latest vid. Not what I want, but white helmet, chrome mask, ship on left side (cause we’ve never got the reverse ship), number on right (to be different, yet fire), color rush home, all white away, possible pewter rush, font in the video, classic throwbacks cause of helmet shell. said what I’d do before...super bowl set, current red, orange, update to current ship and helmet logo.