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  1. I just keep thinking it’ll be ultimate team heavy since they have all the current player licenses and a lot of legends so you’ll get LSU burrow, FSU Deion, etc..for a lot of grinding...or their favorite...coins for real $. I mean, I hope I’m wrong, but look how they treat franchise vs mut.
  2. Speaking from my gamer perspective...ea will give a bare bones game. They will print money just by making it. They will probably have a weak team building like madden relocating features. They will probably have an ultimate team you get cards highlighted with micro transactions. Also, for my personal enjoyment, I need real players so I need roster sharing and editing. Not sure if they’ll mess with that...at least right away the first few years.
  3. I hate that some of the Titans players are wearing red gloves, sleeves, and/or shoes. I consider red part of a logo color and not much of a uniform color.
  4. WTF is that? The bastard child of the pirate parrot and the philly phanatic?
  5. I wanna hate the stars jersey cause neon green isn’t a team color, but I have a soft spot for neon for some reason. I’m conflicted big time here.
  6. Reason number 346 on why I hate stance socks. It reminds me of when undershirts got crazy. The pirates still wore vests and some players wore the black undershirts with the gradient yellow dots that looked primarily yellow and didn’t have the sleeve logo.
  7. I don’t think Carolina needs updating. Unique colors, good balance. What they need to do is adjust the tv numbers, don’t wear white-white so much and don’t wear the black socks with the black pants. If you ask for an update, what you’ll get is an oversized logo, chrome mask, black-black home with black socks and white-white road with white socks, some weird font and a blue jersey with gradient.
  8. My 1pm .02. Lions-falcons belongs in the xfl, hate monochrome-hate plain white socks, but the jets at least avoided full leotard, the saints eliminated the wrong pants-which was the only pants they needed, Texans have a pointless jersey with just a number-outline swap, the Titans wearing red shoes-gloves bother me-you don’t see the Steelers in blue or red accessories from their logo...and the browns look awesome.
  9. Well, I’d rather see the rays navy jersey use light blue words, white outline and their home-road have navy numbers outlined in light blue. I think the thing with the rays (maybe the angels too, but I have all the rays jerseys so I know firsthand) is that it’s the exact same lettering and numbers on every jersey no matter the color. Same word marks, same navy numbers with white outline (home whites have white outline around numbers). It just doesn’t translate aesthetically like we would prefer. The only inconsistency in the set is the names on the navy (couldn’t be navy cause it’s single color and would be invisible) and the names on the light blue (only name with an outline color)
  10. Bucs finally break out the proper pewter pants and to my surprise, they look good. I feared they’d look washed out vs the helmet. I have a feeling this is an alternate look and white/white is the choice more often than not. Wish they’d actually wear their red jersey.
  11. Came for the uniform changes, here for the underwater football ad wars.
  12. Miami did this about 3 years ago when they started those one game aqua color (parley??) uniforms made of recycled ocean garbage.
  13. Do the jags only wear the white tube socks anymore? I swear they only wear solid color of whatever their pant color is.
  14. Call me crazy, but I like the Vegas third and I’m down with just having 3 jerseys of the same style, just different colors.