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  1. I’m trying to find something I like about the new uniforms, but I can’t. Black logo on a black hat, same with black alternate, fish facing away on the left sleeve. With some tweaks, it could be so much better...blue M on hats, blue writing on black jerseys, blue alternate would be a start for me.
  2. Don’t disagree, but I collect MiLB hats, but limit my collection to field worn. That’s why I ask.
  3. I see these are being worn twice. Will the pink cap be worn as well or is it just a fashion, additional money grab?
  4. I’m going to nitpick here, but I consider the Royals a 2 color team. Royal blue and white. (I don’t count logos cause the yanks aren’t red nor the Steelers blue) yet I feel they muddy their identity with powder blue jerseys (I don’t count powder as their color cause a dozen others had that rather than gray) and gold script jerseys...but that’s just me.
  5. Not an NBA guy so don’t take offense to this, but aesthetically, this league is a mess. I watch maybe 10 games per year and if it wasn’t for my uniform obsession, I’d have no clue what team colors actually are. Watching the dunk contest of a hawks player in white-gold-black put on warm ups that are red and neon yellow. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it’s basically soccer rules with no particular color at home, clash (city) jerseys that aren’t team colors, any color shoes, and well, ads on uniforms...and yes, I was mind blown seeing the lakers in yellow vs the Celtics in color in Boston the other day.
  6. Was just gonna post about the rays when I saw the spring unis and did some research then came here to see it was posted. Never knew why they weren’t there in the first place. As for the Padres, please have a gray road uniform...and tell your division mates in Arizona to do the same. Thanks
  7. I think the problem with a white or gray hat was that it was paired with a white or gray uniform and it became too much of one color. They might have stuck around longer with a college look of white hat, colored top, white pants or gray-color-gray. It wouldn’t be the better option vs color-white-white, color-gray-gray, or color-color-white or gray, but better than MLB color rush of gray or white.
  8. My .02 on the rays. 1) The devil gradient is like bucco Bruce. Bad teams and it’s really appreciated now as nostalgia, but you wouldn’t want it as your look. I could take that anniversary cap with their current jerseys, but if you’re gonna throwback, then wear the correct hat. 2) the green was their most unique look, but it was rather bland and would need major updating for a return. 3) although used a lot, their current set has the best colors. They could tie in the colors better by adding light blue outlines to the homes-roads and light blue numbers on the navy alternate...then there’s this whole ray of light vs stingray identity crisis that I’m not about to get into. TL:DR gradient = bucco Bruce, green was better, blues were best, all sets have big upsides, but big flaws
  9. Ok, odd question here. Do they have to get permission from Pontiac to use the firebird-trans am logo?
  10. I want to sue directv and the Buccaneers. I buy Sunday ticket each year to watch them, but they have been so bad the past few seasons, I barely watch past halftime so I feel I’m getting cheated out of my purchases.
  11. With this and the 2 color all star game jerseys, it screams cheap and lazy to me.
  12. Buccaneers sleeve ship to the current ship. One of the few, maybe only upgrades from the super bowl set to the current set.
  13. The socks are out of hand. Was there a charger wearing the same sock? I know players do their own thing with wearing really high white or really low color, but one chief was wearing the away socks, some chargers have no socks (just white spandex). It’s a mess out there.
  14. Funny how one team is ditching a 20 year old park and another (rays) would kill to be in it. Yes, I know the whole st. Pete vs Tampa argument, vacation destination etc, etc.
  15. Without druding up this whole thread, this being the last week and Washington wearing yellow pants and striped socks (was this the first time?) I think the uniforms we did not see this year (correct me where I’m wrong) were the panthers blue pants (which I believe were dropped),the falcons color rush, cowboys actual silver pants, Vikings color rush, rams navy jersey, chargers powder blue???? (Thought it was worn once maybe), Browns orange jersey???, jets color rush???, dolphins orange (think it was dropped), and all Texans red (pants, jersey, socks).