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  1. I think it’s done on purpose. The marlins black jerseys are nearly unreadable and contains no white...except a certain swoosh on the chest. To us-ugly to everyone else-where’s your eye going
  2. I think belts are slowly going the way of socks and accessories. There have been yellow belted pirates and orange belted giants. To my knowledge, both wear black and never have an alternate belt so players do that themselves...wouldn’t mind if the whole team did it. I’m not even going to drudge up my feelings on stance vs solid vs stirrup vs striped socks. Definitely not bringing up neon sleeves-batting gloves or cubs wearing red sleeves-cleats.
  3. I didn’t mean for it to be a criticism of safety about the jays not being in Canada. I meant it to come off as Canada’s only team is being pushed out where on the business side, mlb wants one of their own sent up there. It just didn’t convey well in writing.
  4. So Canada doesn’t want the jays right now and mlb wants to force the rays up there?
  5. Do I like this? No. Red black looks good. Red yellow looks good. Black yellow looks good. Red black yellow I think never looks good. Anyway, who cares? This will be one of 20 jerseys of various colors and names, nicknames, city abbreviations, and whatever crap the nba does now. They took the soccer route with jerseys...ads, new ones every year, team colors are optional, who knows what or when a specific uniform is worn.
  6. The current-original cup colors and skating penguin. Honorable mentions-robo penguin or the penguins roundel from the light blue era. Just my .02 and since I live there and am a fan, my .02 will be doubled to .04
  7. Are they gonna sell copa 2020 hats or just roll them over to next year? I’ve been checking lids, but that’s just another store fanatics has ruined over the past year or two.
  8. The first thing I noticed in the first pic is the logo is backwards. I couldn’t concentrate after that.
  9. I guess I’m in the minority saying I liked the gold numbers-white outline on the garnet jersey. Thought it meshed well with helmet and pants. Didn’t like them on white jersey though.
  10. Bucs football (and uniforms) were so bad and with the lack of sports, we are salivating over Tom Brady playing dress up today.
  11. Aren’t the brewers the pilots? That to me is the franchise and their past, not the mariners. Unless it’s like a browns-ravens deal. I know, I’m weird.
  12. Since some of us think the Carolina Hurricanes playing dress up as the Hartford Whalers is silly, So what’s worse then...an LA Dodgers team repping Brooklyn (same team, different city) or a Seattle Mariners team repping the pilots (same city, not same team). I think the Seattle example is the bigger offense cause the mariners were never the pilots.
  13. How do fans from the original cities feel about this kind of thing? Is it cool to see them revived or a reminder of what you lost? I’d liken it to an ex, if enough time has passed and you have something better, then I’d be ok. If they were doing well and you’re still down and out, I’d be upset.