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  1. It shocks me how few fans can actually spot a fake jersey. I was at Ravens training camp and one woman was going on and on about how her daughter was in Korea and they have authentic jerseys for only $15. She pointed out that her son had a Ray Lewis one they bought. It didn't look even close. Honestly it made the jerseys on this site look amazing. The fonts were all wrong, the bird head logo was on the sleeves instead of the Baltimore shield, and the material looked more like a hockey jersey than a football jersey. I'd never pay $250 for an authentic jersey, but I'd rather do that than pay $15 for that piece of crap.
  2. Well the Big Ten doesn't have to use the division in the other sports. The ACC only uses theirs in football, basketball is just a single table. But you do have a point. I have no idea what the ACC's divisions are for football. That may have something to do though, with the fact that I slowly stopped watching the conference after expansion.
  3. Do you think they will trade names? Or even come up with entirely new numberless names? My thought was that the Big Ten would change its name to something like the Great Lakes Conference (or something like that) if they became a superconference. I think something needs to happen because the names have been confusing for a while, now its only become worse.
  4. The Big Ten would be stupid if they did not offer to Maryland, if they were concerned with their TV network. The Terps are the only team in the Baltimore and DC area, that is truely shared by both markets. The Capitals have become more popular in Baltimore lately, but I think that's more of a bandwagon thing for now. All other teams are completely seperate. So in that case, the Big Ten would really be getting the #4 TV market. Also, every is talking about the Big 4 Superconferences, Big 10, Pac-10, SEC, and ACC/Big East, dominating college football. That will be interesting, because I think the Mountain West will be better able to compete in football rather than the ACC/Big East (other than the fact it wouldn't have 16 teams). The ACC/Big East would embarrass themselves in any football playoffs/bowls they'd get invitied to (although they would probably dominate in basketball). If the Mountain West is left out, that will probably create a whole new postseason controversy.
  5. Matter of time really. But what truly bugs me about all these articles is that none of them explicitly says when the conferences will realign in their new forms. I know most have said that the new Pac-10(16?) and the new Big 10 would go into effect in 2012. Now, what about Boise? Will this be this year or next? Yahoo says Boise State's move to the MWC will be effective July 1, 2011. http://sports.yahoo.com/top/news?slug=ap-mountainwest-boisestate
  6. I stated this earlier in the thread, but I think Maryland would accept that invitation. I hear alot of fans complain about the "Carolina bias" in offciating. This may be the school's chance to move out of the shadows of the Carolina teams. That's what I hated about the 2004 ACC expansion. It didn't really make football any better, the championship game was always boring. Then basketball was completely ruined. I use to be a huge college basketball (ACC specifically), but the expansion made me slowly lose interest. This year I only watched a couple tournament games. I can see these potential Super Conferences doing the same for other college basketball fans.
  7. I think everyone agrees with you, but the ball is in the Big Ten's court. Whatever they decide essentially happens. Hopefully they're not too greedy.
  8. I could see Maryland being a dark horse candidate to join (this is assuming a 5 team expansion to make a super conference). Alot of Maryland fans have complained about the "pro-Carolina" officiating of the ACC. I've seen fans arguing to join the Big Ten years ago after bad games. If offered a spot, Maryland may take it. Also I don't think geography is really relevant anymore. If the Big Ten wants to make a Super Conference, their going to get the 5 best teams they can. There's much less concern with travel distances these days.
  9. I'm pretty torn on this. On one hand, I'm kinda excited to see what kind of changes would happen if this expansion does happen. OTOH, I'm worried the new superconferences will "ruin" college sports. I used to be a huge ACC fan when I was younger. I was really excited when they expanded. However I hated it very quickly. Football didn't improve enough, in fact I would argue it stayed about the same. The conference tournament game has been pretty craptastic IMO. This in turn lead to basketball becoming watered down. It really ruined the two sports for me and now I'm not really a fan (thats not the only reason, but it was a big one). Hopefully this expansion doesn't have the same effect.
  10. I don't think Notre Dame will accept. They have their own TV contract for football, no way they would want to share one. It will be interesting to see how all this turns out.
  11. I've met a few: John Mackey: I used to work at a local card show and he came to sign. Very nice guy. I know he has some brain damage from his playing days. He signed a photo for me, so I shook his hand and thanked him. He seemed impressed and wrote me a longer note on the picture. Definitely a cool experience I won't forget. Boomer Scott: Same card show, I helped him out while he was signing. He was actually kind of rude and had me get him alot of stuff. I helped him carry stuff out to his car afterward and he talked to the guy who runs the show. Right before he left he did lean out and thank me. So to be honest I didn't really know what to think of him. Brooks Robinson: I met him a a signing at a local card shop. One of the nicest guys I've met. He agreed to take a picture with me, which was cool since I know alot of athletes don't do this anymore (Adam Jones refused to take one with me at Spring Training on my birthday last year). Another kinda cool story, is that I play softball with two guys whose brother plays for the Orioles in the minor leagues. I won't say who he is, but he's got a pretty good chance of making the majors. Anyway after his season was over, he actually came out and played a game with us and hit a grandslam. It was probably illegal to have him on the team, but no one else really knew who he was.
  12. I did some baseball players that were traded as prospect a later became stars. Here are a few more: Adam Jones with the Mariners: Jeremy Guthrie with the Indians: Scott Kazmir with the Mets: Matt Garza with the Twins: Time Wakefield with the Pirates: Grady Sizemore with the Expos: sorry if some of these have already been posted, I haven't look through this whole thread in a long time.
  13. I think the roof is retractable. So it would only really be a problem during bad weather.
  14. Interesting design, hopefully they actually build this. As the author mentioned Florida would probably be a nice place for a stadium. Yet the state's two teams own perhaps the two worst stadiums in the bigs. It would certainly make it easier to watch Devil Rays games on tv (I hate watching the O's play either @ Tampa or Toronto. The domes are kinda depressing.)
  15. Can anybody find a picture of Jay Buhner with the Yankees? I've looked but can't find one.
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