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Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Ring Design


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It said "Vertseeg" first and they had to change it. Between gaffes like "New York Ilanders" and winding up at the bottom of the pool, it seems like nobody who's actually involved with the Stanley Cup has any sort of reverence for it.

There's some controversy among the caveman fans because Brian Bickell was left off in favor of some coaches and office guys. Of course, Bickell didn't play in 40 games or a Final game (he filled in for Brouwer in the Nashville series, poorly), so he's not entitled to it, but he grumbled abuot it to the press and now here we go again with how John McDonough is the most evil hockey executive in the world. Did you know he can't even play hockey?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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