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Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Ring Design


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It's hard to make a logo that's as detailed as the Hawks logo is look good on a ring. I think it would look better with different colored stones in the logo, but I still don't think it would look that great.

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They should have used differently-coloured stones for the feathers in the logo. I think it would have made the whole design pop. Right now, it's just a big shiny mess.

Exactly what I thought. Its better when Cup Rings have some colour in them... this reminds me of the Red Wings Uninspired ring from 08

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Here's a closer look from the Chicago Tribune, including views of the side and a comparison to the 2005 White Sox ring:

Huge graphic I figured was too big to paste here

I like it. Although I thought adding color to the logo would be a nice touch when first mentioned, seeing it doesn't do it for me. I think it just highlights how off the jeweled logo really is, so in that respect, I prefer they just use the diamond version. And I like that the Cup is in the background.

Plus, the C-tomahawk logo is rendered with rubies and emeralds on the side, so that solves the added color issue for me.

EDIT: Smaller view of side:


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