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  1. I loathed this jersey. Its "Old Tyme Hockey" theme was completely sunk by that pointless, phantom shoulder yoke. This and the Reebok version of the 'Iron Range Red's' represent the absolute nadir of the Wild identity. The script logo was horrible.
  2. The uniforms look cheap now. Multiple instances of burgundy and blue touching and the entire colour-balance thrown off. The uniforms were never designed to have blue equipment and it shows. The foot was done in the same style as the primary logo so it looked like it belonged. The two logos formed a cohesive identity. The C looks shoehorned on. Black was on the home jersey striping and the road numbers. It can be argued that the palette had too many colours but the original uniforms worked them together seamlessly. And there weren't any contrast issues.
  3. Just bring this back with the original shade of burgundy and the Foot. They got it right the first time.
  4. The road jersey is so close to perfection. Just need to make the thin green stripes red to balance the palette and replace the redundant roundel with the 'M' on the shoulders. I'd like to see the home jersey match but the wheat chest-stripe feels necessary for the logo to stand out and pairing it with the thick, hem-striping from the road would be overkill. Perhaps having it not match is a good thing in this case. They're similar enough in aesthetic that it doesn't seem jarring (see Carolina).
  5. Dallas have one of the best home jerseys... And that's with removing a key colour that had been part of their identity for 20 years.
  6. I hate what the Avalanche have done to their uniforms these past two seasons... Every single change has resulted in a worse looking set. The only thing that needed to be done to the set unveiled in 2017 was adding some blue trim to the road. The home version looked fantastic with the black equipment and the only instances of burgundy and blue touching were on the sleeve numbers. The forced shoehorning of blue equipment has not only thrown off the entire colour balance of the identity it has also resulted in more needless instances of burgundy and blue touching. The equipment on the cup winning set was black for a reason.
  7. The Blues jersey looks incredible... The disparity in quality between it and the Wild one is astounding. One looks like a classic hockey sweater, the other looks like a claustrophobic, Hodge-podge of disparate elements fighting each-other for prominence. The Wild really dropped the ball.
  8. Not disputing that at all. That doesn't mean I have to like the design... I think they could have made a classically influenced uniform without throwing the kitchen sink at it and going with an overly busy aesthetic better left in past. Just my opinion, not expecting many people on here to agree .
  9. Unpopular opinion... This "Old Tyme Hockey" dress-up fad is beyond played out... And the red alternate from 2003 did it much better. Everything about this design looks awkwardly proportioned & claustrophobic and the elbow patches & tiny shoulder yokes are superfluous. Not a fan.
  10. My sentiments exactly. 27 years of following this league for only for them to needlessly destroy the thing I like about it most. Yeah I know it's a business but I still have the choice to not support it and that's what I'm doing. Although this news feels like a punch to the gut, I only have myself to blame for buying in. People like us who obsess over sports aesthetics and tradition represent just a small minority of fans and the idea that owners would ever care about us is laughable. This shouldn't even be surprising after what the league allowed Reebok to do to most teams identities in 2007... Here's a little refresher if you don't remember. If the Canucks make the playoffs in the final season without jersey ads, I will watch. After that, I am finished with this league for good. Goodbye.
  11. I think this is one of the best jerseys the Kings ever had. It'd be even better without the script on the hem.
  12. Looks like the shade they arrived in Dallas with. Now bring back the Gold!
  13. I prefer the previous blue but everything else is on point. This is exactly the update the Av's need, what you did with the snow looks incredible.
  14. I like the simplification of the snow. It looks much cleaner without all that extra, unnecessary line-work. That being said, I kind of miss it having silver highlights as they give the embroidered crest a sparkle that mimics snow perfectly. The loss of black on the puck surprisingly doesn't bother me either. It still looks undoubtedly like a puck and eliminates the need for black entirely. I'd like to see this on a jersey with a simplified version of the Foot, or a black-free version of the current shoulder patch. Nice work .
  15. Comparing jerseys Pre-2007 to Post-2007 is like comparing Apples to Oranges. The implementation of the Edge template drastically changed the overriding aesthetic of the league. Of the inaugural Edge jerseys you mentioned, only the Avs Apron gives the Flames competition for worst in class... But even that set had the sense to not include a shoulder patch consisting primarily of colour found nowhere else on the uniform. Absolutely. They went from one of the league's best to bottom 3 in one season. Agreed. I think people just wanted the flag jerseys gone... Although the Adidas template improved them slightly, by getting rid of the piping, the clash-patch still made them an eyesore.
  16. This is mid-tier? Even if you discounted what are easily the most lazy and aesthetically inept shoulder patches in league history, you're still left 5 striping configurations competing for prominence on one jersey... They couldn't even make the piping, that boxes in both the logo and numbers, consistent with the piping on the socks... The socks that inexplicably mimic the German flag in spite of that colour order appearing nowhere else on the uniform. This abomination deserves much more derision...
  17. I'd like to ask the question... Now that this monstrosity is mercifully gone after 14 excruciating seasons, where does it rank among the worst jerseys in league history? Can we place this alongside the Wildwing's and Burger King's of the world or is that an overblown assessment? Does it just look awful compared to what came before or is it contention for the aesthetically challenged, hall of fame? Genuinely curious...
  18. The Howling Coyote looked great on its original jersey but every uniform it's been featured on since has painted it in a poor light IMO. This is the only Howler uniform I'd be in favor of returning as an alt...
  19. These prototype jerseys were designed by Tommy Hilfiger in 2000 for the 2001/02 season but were reportedly scrapped after the design leaked. More Navy dominant than red but still indicative of them wanting to return to their roots.
  20. The late 80's/early 90's looked great too. One thing I hated about the mid-90's was how green all but vanished from the league... The North Stars and Whalers replacing it with Black & Navy, before disappearing all-together, was devastating.
  21. The league was really coming into its own during the period between the 2003 and 2007. The wackier designs of the 90's were going by the wayside and a return to a more traditional aesthetic was beginning to take place organically. You saw it in the Coyotes rebrand, the Flames return to red, the Bruins replacing their Pooh-Bear alternate with an Orr-era throwback, multiple teams returning to lace-up collars and the excellent All Star jerseys from the game in Minnesota. More importantly than that, newer teams were not trying to be something they weren't. You didn't have Lightning masquerading as the Maple Leafs, The Hurricanes weren't using a diagonal-script, Nashville hadn't sucked all the life out of their identity, the Sharks still had their original (and perfect) colour scheme and Florida didn't feel the need to be another red team with a chest stripe. Without the Reebok Edge debacle, it's not difficult to imagine the league being perfected within 3 to 5 years. The Canucks were already transitioning to blue and green, the Bruins excellent cup-winning set eschewed the Edge aesthetic so it probably would've happened regardless, The Capitals wanted a return to Red as early as 02 and maybe the whole Buffaslug debacle doesn't happen without Reebok's influence.
  22. It would be unreal to see the Habs lift the Stanley Cup but the way things have gone for Canadian markets since 1993, I'm not expecting that to happen at all... They will likely raise everyone's hopes only to dash them at the very last possible moment like the Flames in 04, the Oilers in 06 and the Canucks in 11.
  23. The Navy looks so drab and dull compared to their classic Royal... It just seems like a relic of that 90's trend of darkening colours to the point where they appear almost black. They should wear the uniforms they lifted 5 cups in and stop messing with their identity and legacy.
  24. Agreed. Those that didn't realize the helmet adverts were permanent the second they were announced have no idea how this league operates. It was never going to be a one-year deal.
  25. I think what the Bruins released in 2007 was perfection... They took the basic look of the 'Bobby Orr' set and refined it into a modern classic with a much-improved iteration of the Spoked-B, and the best shoulder patches in the history of the franchise. The jerseys took a slight hit during the conversion to Adidas but they're still just some yellow-socks away from greatness. I'm surprised they're moving away from this look, especially since it has a cup behind it and the proposed replacement doesn't.
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