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IDEA for a Skins update.


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Im new here and I just have an IDEA for a Redskins update. I love my Redskins and their primary logo, but I would love to see a return to the feather helmet. I have no idea how to create these amazing concepts (especially that Nike Pro Combat one) but I have (in my opinion) good ideas. Ok With the Skins helmet... can somebody make a skins helmet that has 1. main color burgundy 2. gold (current) facemask. 3. a "feather" stripe that is smaller than the one on the links below. The feather instead of the light red, maybe gold? Burgundy with heavy gold outlining? Just ideas... idk for that part. and thats about it... if anybody can tell me how i could make this, i wana do it. thanks!

http://www.helmethut.com/Features/redskinfeather%20helmet%20group.jpg or


concepts: washington football (2017) ... nfl (2013) ... yikes

potd 10/20/12
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