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Rushden & Diamonds


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first choice: yes, you'd think blue diamonds would make more sense here than red ones, but then R&D has typically worn either mainly white or mainly red home shirts. and before you ask, yes, I am aware somebody might scream CROATIA! after seeing this.

clash: I wanted a blue clash, which is why the home diamonds are red. I also wanted hoops in some form, thus here go some of the wavy variety.

keeper: usually, I use this slot for a third kit, but I figured since Diamonds are in the Conference they wouldn't exactly need one...staying with short sleeves is admittedly a bit of laziness on my part...anyway, this actually would've made for a good third, and the shirt's main feature, the diamond sash, was in fact made for that very purpose.


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I think the checkered socks on the main unis are a bit much. But I really like the contrast between the main and clash unis. I especially like the wave hoops on the clash.

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