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Mystery Player 4/28/04


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I began my career with a holdout after being drafted by the Mavericks in 1992. Eventually I would sign on as the season wined down. I would stay in Dallas until 1997 when I was traded midseason to the Nets. Following the season I was on the move again traded to the 76ers. I would only play hlaf a season in Philly before being traded to the Warriors. After finishing the season in Golden State I was on the move again playing the 1999 season with the Blazers. After 1 season in Portland I was traded to the Hawks. I would maange to start the next serason n Atlanta but I would be moved again midway through the 2000/01 season this time to the Cavs. After finishing the season in Cleveland I joined teh Heat the following year. After 1 year in Miami I joined the Kings, once again moving after just 1 year this time playing the 2003/04 season with the Rockets.

Who am I?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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