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Boise State-Nevada Throwback ProCombat

Lights Out

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Before this year, 1990 was probably the most pivotal year in the Boise State/Nevada rivalry. Nevada went 10-1 on the season to make the FCS playoffs. Their only loss of the regular season was to 10-4 Boise State, 30-14, on the blue turf. However, in the FCS playoff semifinals that year, Nevada got their revenge on Boise State in a defense-free game with a 59-52 final score. Nevada would go on to lose the FCS championship to Georgia Southern, 36-13. Because of the playoff and season implications that year, 1990 was considered the peak of the rivalry up until this year. With that in mind, I made throwback uniforms for Boise and Nevada to honor that year. Comments?


POTD: 2/4/12 3/4/12

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Nice work! I wonder where you got the idea... :P

That would be a great looking game in my opinion, both look very nice. I especially really like the Boise set, everything comes together really well. Also, I've always liked that Wolfpack decal, it's great to see it make a return. Awesome job!


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