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2011 MLS heritage Cup


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Now that the MLS has expanded to Vancouver and Portland for 2011, the Heritage Cup is now going to be contested between 4 teams nest season. Seattle, Vancouver, Portland and San Jose are all eligible because of their names when they played in the old NASL...At least that is what I believe is the case for teams to participate. (Correct me if I am wrong) So in the spirit of the thing I decided to do some throw back inspired jerseys from the old NASL days. I went back to the logos from the NASL but kept the modern shirt sponsors. I've also included the competition logo and move the MLS logo to the back under the collar. I tried to keep the jerseys as original as possible with the templates I had. Vancouver was the only one with a major change. The original jerseys were done by Nike and they did not have the front crest.

Seattle jersey from 1982 (however, I changed the shorts to the blue from the 1980 season)

Vancouver is a modified jersey from the 1982 season

Portland is from 1980

San Jose is from 1977


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Well isn't that much better honestly, toronto, chicago and whatnot. But I get you're saying all red could be iconic kinda like liverpool.

TheJerseys: great job for the work but the old jerseys don't look that great imo. Especially the sounders. My team is rave green not that awful turquoise lol.

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