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Byron Bailey-history lesson-old school uniforms


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I love those Lions' uniforms. I always thought that the BC Lions always knew how to make black and orange really work on a football uniform.

As for the Stampeders' uniforms... wow, that's a lot of red. It's funny to see monochrome with such an older uniform.

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Stampeders ?

i'm assuming thats his Washington State (red ) uniform?

were they called Cougars or Stampeders back then?

My bad, I didn't read his biography, I just looked at the two pictures and commented on them. So that would definitely be his Washington State Cougars uniform. Due to the era he played in, there's not a lot of good resources I know of that would tell if the Calgary Stampeders had a monochrome uniform. I know they had a red jersey/silver pants combination that looked monochrome in some CFL telecasts I've seen (specifically the 1970 Western Final - Game 3 vs. the Saskatchewan Roughriders)

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